About Us

Aviva Insurance Limited is the largest general insurer in the UK as well as being a leading life and pensions provider. With many years experience in the area of Wills and Probate covers they have, for a long time, been recognised as a leader in the provision of Bonds of Caution. ¬†Aviva are a strong organisation having a credit rating of ‘A+’ from Standard and Poors.

Dual Asset Underwriting are a leading specialist provider of insurances relating to wills and probate matters. The insurances are typically underwritten by Catlin Insurance and RSA both strong insurers with an ‘A’ Credit rating from Standard and Poors.

Estate Research are a leading firm of International Probate Genealogist specialising in tracing next of kin and missing beneficiaries right across the globe. They have developed a range of services to support the legal sector, all of which are designed to overcome problems encountered by legal practitioners.

LawSure Insurance is a leading insurance broker specialising in the handling of ‘legal insurances’. ¬†Having driven forward the development of a wide range of wills and probate insurances, they are now considered a market leader in this area.